Chezmoi Haute Couture 2011 : Grand Openning Day

People native to the hills of Thailand have a long history and they have to protect it. They use “culture” as their weapons.

Hill tribe warriors must be shown the legend, the materials must be naturally pure. Pure silk, cotton, and gold are their rarest items.

The show just how great they really are.

grand openning day : all models before parade

Lisu : a Disire for Primacy
Lisu is predominant in Lisu culture. Every Lisu feels that his or her own family, clan or villages is pre-eminent and will argue vehemently with anyone who presumes to dispute it. A village will claim its young people to be the best in the singing contest, its women the most skillful in needlework, and its families the most adapt in growing opium. Competition between individuals is equally intense, and legal disputes are common. A Lisu man involved in a court case will muster all his fellow cleans men, his children’s in-laws, and anyone he believe to be indebtet to him to fight his case. This spirit of competition is to be seen even in their dress. Through the years women’s dress has grown increassignly more elaborate, and their jewellry mor ornate.

Lisu Warrior

Lisu Queen

Akha : a Disire for Continuity
Akha is a dominant theme continuity resides primarily in relationship with their ancestors. For this reason they learn the names of their male ancestors in chronological order back to ‘The Beginning of Human Beings’. They see themselves as a link in the green continuum of Akha history. Everything they do must fit into that chain. The Akha depend on their ancestors for life, food, health and security. One day, they will take their place among the ancestors, and their descendents will then look to them for sustenance and protection.

Akha warrior

Akha Queen

Hmong :  a Disire for Independence
Hmong dominates the lives of the hmong. They seek economic independence through their industriousness and uberty to follow their own lifestyle by means of armed force when threatened. In Thailand this desire for independence has led a few hmong to join communist factions promissing them freedom, while in Laos the hmong were bitter anti-communist fighters seeing in most of the hmong living in Thailand in the early 1980s. However, have found that real economic, social and religious freedom is only to be found within a stable political environment.

Hmong Warrior

Hmong Queen

Karen : a Disire for Harmony
Karen is a basic theme in the SGAW and PWO Karen cultures. The exellent fallow system they have developed in their agriculture shows their desire for harmony with their environment. The annual celevrations in which they feast the guardian spirits of the village show their desire for harmony with these unseen powers. They attempt to maintain harmony in relationships within the village by submission to the acknowledged leaders and harmony with their neighbours by avoiding conflict whenever possible.

Karen Warrior

Karen Queen

Mien : a Disire for Propiety
Mien is a driving theme in the Mien culture. They are a dignified people who prize decorum high. Whether the endeavour they are engaged in concerns human needs or the realm of unseen forces (including spirits and ancestors) The Mien perfection in their orderliness. They desire to avoid open conflict at all costs. For instance, if two parties in a village have a disagreement they will discuss it with studied politeness, seeking to resolve the problem before it blicks their joint persuit of merit and status.

Mien Warrior

Mien Queen

The finale’

—– Parade to art exhibition @ Prataapjai —–


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