Chezmoi Haute Couture 2013

Chezmoi Haute Couture 2013
Chezmoi Utopia
- from Paradise to Skyfall -

When the relationship has begun
we found the land of love and hope that we will be there forever
but forever and ever is not real
when we were destined to someone, we will separate someday
it feel like you stay in the paradise but in one day the sky will fall
No matter what will happen in relationship
love and hope will guide you always

IMG_4380 IMG_4386 IMG_4382IMG_4400 IMG_4404 IMG_4403IMG_4415 IMG_4419IMG_4427 IMG_4432 IMG_4429IMG_4438 IMG_4446 IMG_4441IMG_4455 IMG_4464 IMG_4461IMG_4474 IMG_4481IMG_4484IMG_4491 IMG_4498 IMG_4495IMG_4503 IMG_4504IMG_4511 IMG_4514IMG_4527 IMG_4537 IMG_4531IMG_4546 IMG_4550 IMG_4549IMG_4558 IMG_4561IMG_4567 IMG_4571IMG_4573 IMG_4577

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