Chezmoi Haute Couture 2012 : Le Meridien Open House

@ Le Meridien Chiang Rai Resort 31 March 2012


People native to the hills of Thailand have a long history and they have to protect it. They use “culture” as their weapons.

Hill tribe warriors must be shown the legend, the materials must be naturally pure. Pure silk, cotton, and gold are their rarest items.

The show just how great they really are.

::: Karen Princess :::

::: Karen Black Warrior :::

::: Lisu Warrior :::

::: Lisu Queen :::

::: Akha Warrior :::

::: Akha Queen :::

::: Hmong Warrior :::

::: Hmong Queen :::

::: Karen Blue Warrior :::

::: Karen Queen :::

::: Mien Warrior :::

::: Mien Queen :::

::: Parade & Finale :::

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