Chezmoi Haute Couture 2012 : Le Meridien Open House

@ Le Meridien Chiang Rai Resort 31 March 2012


People native to the hills of Thailand have a long history and they have to protect it. They use “culture” as their weapons.

Hill tribe warriors must be shown the legend, the materials must be naturally pure. Pure silk, cotton, and gold are their rarest items.

The show just how great they really are.

::: Karen Princess :::

::: Karen Black Warrior :::

::: Lisu Warrior :::

::: Lisu Queen :::

::: Akha Warrior :::

::: Akha Queen :::

::: Hmong Warrior :::

::: Hmong Queen :::

::: Karen Blue Warrior :::

::: Karen Queen :::

::: Mien Warrior :::

::: Mien Queen :::

::: Parade & Finale :::

2 Responses to Chezmoi Haute Couture 2012 : Le Meridien Open House

  1. Denise Gann says:

    Hi! I LOVE YOUR CLOTHES!!!!! What would the prices be for the Akha Warrior skirt and the Akha Queen skirt? Also what are your prices for the feather collar and hat? I may want to order some things for gifts! Unfortunately, when I was in Thailand in December 2010, my daughter, Hannah Cann, had not yet dicovered your beautiful store!! Thank you!

    Denise Gann (Hannah’s mother!)

    • chezmoi says:

      Hi, Denise

      We can remember your daughter – Hannah
      and happy to hear that you love our products too :)

      about Akha Hautcouture costume
      we sale all of that for 50,000 baht (around 1,630 USD) per set
      with headdress, vest, skirt and Jewelry

      if you want only skirts, we can made to order
      we can sale that 5,000 baht (162 USD)
      you can get a cotton skirt decorate with silk fabric and emboidering with hand-sewing

      we have many the feather collars and hats
      can you give us for example?
      so we can tell a price for this and made it for gifts

      if you have any question we can contact by e-mail every time
      this is our e-mail :

      we will have the fashion show again at the end of this year
      if you have a change to come to Chiang rai
      Please do not miss this event

      hope to talk to you again


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