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 Welcome to Chezmoi Handicraft & Homestay

Chezmoi is the French word for ‘my home’Here in Chiang Rai, Thailand, 

Chezmoi is Handicraft Shop and Homestay that provides warm-hearted hospitality and very traditional accommodations. We are strongly inspired by both Hilltribe and northern Thai textiles and designs, and this influence is reflected in the handicraft products and merchandise that we sell in our store. Our collection ranges from clothing and accessories to home decoration. Our love for the life style these products come from can also be felt in the decor of our Home Stay.

Through sharing our traditional Lanna ways of life with our Home Stay guests and by using authentic textiles and fabrics to make our clothing and products in our shop  whope to teach Thailand and the world at large about the uniqueness and beauty of our local culture. 

We wish to produce a high quality product which will be recognized by and can appeal to both Thai clientele and a larger world wide market. 

  • We will encourage and support production process of local handicraft products such as hilltribe products and Tai products.

In addition to designing and manufacturing our merchandise, we also work closely with the indigenous tribes of Thailand, and other Thai locals in order to encourage and support the authenticity of the local art forms that garment and handicraft making entail.

  • We will bring some original product to be modify in order to meet customer’s need and easy to use in everyday’s life.

While keeping with tradition and what is culturally appropriate we also have a responsibility to our customers to ensure our products meet their needs and are easy to use in everyday life. Therefore some of our products may be adapted to appeal to a broader market.

Chezmoi has  2  business partners :

Ms. Naishanan Maneerat

Mr. Nutnatee Maneerat

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